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Massage at M2M

Muscles in need of massage???

Contact the studio to book your first 2020 Massage at M2M

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Reminder that we need your April schedule requests TODAY!!! Need to get everybody set before I am away!!! (Megan unreachable Sunday 26th- Thursday 30th) Will return Friday March 31st

Monday 10am and 6pm In-studio Tuesday 10am In-studio via Zoom (Megan) 7pm In-studio Wednesday 9am In-Studio via Zoom (Megan) 10am In- Studio 6pm In-Studio Thursday 10am In-Studio Friday 10am In-Studio

Please send your April schedule requests ASAP 704.685.1040 (No email!!!) We need to get everybody booked for private and semi-private sessions by MARCH 24th!!! (And payment!!!) ***Megan will be out of

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