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Massage at M2M

Naomi Kunz
Naomi K. Massage, NC LMBT #17419

Clinical bodywork has roots in Rolfing, influences from Structural Integration, and many may know it as "myofascial release" or "neuromuscular massage". I graduated from North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork in May 2018. My goal is to offer people relief from chronic or recurrent issues. After an initial assessment I work on the shortened tissues that are creating pain and dysfunction. I aim to work with the client and their goals to achieve pain relief, postural function, and ease in movement. 


The main difference between my sessions and many other forms of massage is that my clients remain clothed, removing only the outer layers that are essential to access the shortened tissues. This is beneficial for allowing the client to be involved in the therapeutic process. Communication is open and emphasized. While many people assume that this kind of work is painful, I work with the client's tolerance and they control the pressure. Working within their limits improved everyone's experience.


Initial Assessment (Bodywork)

This includes a one-on-one conversation outlining therapeutic goals, treatment options, as well as time to get bodywork done.

1 hour 30 minutes • $110


Clinical Bodywork

(Maintenance) •  1 hour • $75

Clinical Bodywork

(Targeted) •  1.5 hours • $110

Clinical Bodywork

(Corrective) •  2 hours • $145



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